LIKE all sectors of education, secondary head teachers are under increasing pressure with more demands and fewer resources.

That’s what makes this category so important. Last year’s winner was a shining example of what can be achieved with strong leadership and encouragement for both staff and pupils. Mark Jackson, of Haslingden High, was an outstanding winner of an outstanding school - one of the top 100 comprehensives in the country.

A strong leader sets the tone for the whole school – providing a role model for pupils, staff and the wider community - and we want to celebrate that.

Our Secondary Head Teacher of the Year award aims to recognise these qualities and more.

Nominations can come from school staff, governors, parents, pupils themselves or anyone else who believes they know a head teacher who deserves this recognition.

It’s about inspirational leadership and the ability to produce a school where people care and which buzzes with enthusiasm, community and achievement.

Head teachers are an integral part of the leadership of any school.

Successful heads are those woven into the fabric of the local community, who don’t just clock out when they leave the school grounds, and who have the success of both the school, pupils and its staff in mind at all times.

Jane Scott, managing director of Key Stage Teacher Supply, which is sponsoring the category said: “In the 16 years since our business was established, we have worked with over 300 local schools, and we understand the importance of effective leadership. When everyone pulls together under the leadership of an inspirational head teacher, schools can be very happy and productive environments for both students and staff. It has been a pleasure for Key Stage and our supply team to have worked with some of the most inspiring heads in Lancashire, and we are delighted to support an award that recognises them.”

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