WE’RE on track this week to name most of the soccer players and coaches from our recent photograph of the railway workers football team.

Thanks to Ernie Johnson who contacted our desk to name his team mates and detail their trophy win.

They were all staff who worked at the regional main workshop of British Rail’s road motor department, which was based in Fletcher Street, Blackburn.

Winners of a national competition, the team had played throughout the country on its way to the final against Kentish Town in London.

Said Ernie: “We travelled on an early train to the capital, played and won the game and got back to Blackburn in time to go on the Saturday night fair.”

The photo showed, from the left, back row, area manager Mr Payne, Arthur O’Dell, who was at the workshop for 48 years and was the team’s coach, Ernie, ?, Ray Hall, ?, Ben Ingham, Jack Warburton and ?

Sitting at the front are Don Whalley, Norman Havercroft, Cyril Warters, Ronnie Lingard and Eric Gibbons.