ONE of Nelson’s earliest family businesses came to an end after more than 130 years, back in 1962.

For the three Nutter brothers, renowned as makers of fine clogs, decided it was time to retire.

They were Harry, who was then 74, John, 71, who shared a home in Bentley Street, and Thomas, 72.

The business was formed four generations earlier when clogs were virtually the only working-class footwear in East Lancashire.

As he closed up his shop, in Leeds Road, Harry reminisced: “People used to come from as far away as Blackburn and Rossendale for our clogs, but things have now changed.

“Trade is coming to t’back end now.”

In the 1900s, when business was booming and the brothers took over the shop from their father, they reckoned they used a million nails a year.