DO any of our readers remember, or have photographs of, a girls’ football team from the sixties named Nelson Spartak?

We’ve been looking back through our archives and came across a report about the team, which made our pages in 1962.

It focused on Linn Catlow, left, who swapped her Saturday night attire of high heels and swinging skirt for studded boots, shorts and shirt the morning after, eschewing feminine pastimes for football.

For Linn turned out in goal for Nelson Spartak, a newly-formed all-girls football XI. A pupil at Whitefield School, she lived in Hibson Road, Nelson. Captain at that time was 17-year-old Ann Kershaw, of Rigg Street, Nelson.

Among other teams they played was one formed by Colne teacher Miss Enid Astin, from players from the defunct Accrington Ladies and girls from Nelson and Burnley.