IT’S 60 years since this photograph was taken, not too long after the war had finally ended.

It shows youngsters from St Matthews School, Blackburn, and was taken around 1948.

The class was obviously a large one, with 38 pupils smiling for the camera in the school yard.

Thanks to Jean Dearden, nee Woodruff, for letting us have a peep at the school kids of the late 40s. She’s third from the right on the second row down.

We have most of their names, but maybe you can fill in the few blanks that we have. The teacher is Mr Emmett.

Perhaps you remember him and his lessons?

On the back row, among others, are: Colin Haworth, Owen Harrington, Sam Adams, Jack Riley and Roy Gilmore.

The middle rows show May Stephenson, Edna Sharratt, Joan Gill, Frank Harvey, Frank Pennington, John Rothwell, Doreen Yates, Mary Berry and Betty Hall. Then there are Eileen Brindle, Olive Swindlehurst, Brenda Mitchell, Barbara Kent, Betty Lucas, Mary Barnes, Audrey Farrell, Eileen Woods, Eileen Baron, Pat Taylor and Jean Carus.

Seated at the very front are: Billy Walsh, Brian Halsall, Harry Wild and Frank Egan.