PUPILS from an East Lancs school wrote their own song pleading with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to keep their school open.

Students from Altham Primary School sent Mrs Thatcher a musical plea to not close their village school.

In a taped message they asked her to S.A.S - which stood for ‘Save Altham School’.

At the time, the school was due to close in a bid to cut costs and keep in line with falling rolls.

Part of the musical message said: “All we are asking of you and your friends is to keep this school open and on you it all depends.

“We’re a great family and we work hard in school, so please help us keep the golden rule.”

Some of the 36 children who wrote the song then went to Jingle Promotions near Preston record the song before it was posted to the Prime Minister.

At the time, secretary of the school’s action committee, Mrs Jackie Drummond said: “The quality of education at Altham is very high and it is also a community school, being the focus of social activities on the village.

“It is really the hub of life here.”

Another reason for concern among teachers and parents was the commute pupils would have to undertake to the closest school if it were to be closed.