JACK Walker would have looked around the Ewood Park development with such optimism as the ground he knew and loved would be changed forever.

As the former Nuttall Street stand came down, up went the 11,000 seater Jack Walker stand, which was one of three stands redeveloped during the makeover in the 1990s.

The Blackburn End stand boasted 8,000 seats and replaced the old-fashioned standing terraces.

The former boardroom in the Nuttall Street stand was dismantled piece by piece and was reassembled in the Blackburn End.

The Riverside Stand, which had in previous years failed safety checks, following the aftermath of the Bradford City fire, was redeveloped and extra seats were added.

The material for the new roof and terracing was provided by Walkersteel, which was owned by Mr Walker.

The stand is now the oldest part of the modern Ewood Park and is the only single tiered stand in the stadium.

The early 90s proved to be one of the golden moments of the club's history, with Mr Walker taking over in 1991 and promising a large redevelopment of the ground to turn it into a modern arena, followed by the club clinching the Premier League title in 1995.