IN its heyday, six thousand people worked within its walls and its goods were exported across the globe.

Howard and Bullough was one of Accrington’s biggest employers - at one time it was one of the largest manufacturers in the country producing textile machinery.

And while most East Lancashire folk will know of the huge Globe Works, which dominated the town's skyline and its industry, not many will ever have taken a glimpse inside.

This photo from the Telegraph's archives was taken following a reorganisation of the works back in the mid sixties.

It's just just one section of the giant heavy machinery shop, where heavy castings underwent machining to produced the large components.

Founded in the 1850s, Howard and Bullough was the world's major manufacturer of Lancashire power looms just a decade later and before his death in 1891, John Bullough had become the first cotton machine manufacturing millionaire.

In line with the times, the company tried to improve the lives of its workers, giving the James Bullough Park to the town in 1913 and the Globe Tennis club grounds in 1926.

During the Second World War, it turned its hand to the manufacture of ammunition and shells and in 1945, King George VI paid an official visit to the 52 acre site.