A LOOK back at Church Street, Blackburn, in the early 1900s, which appeared in Bygones the other week, showed the range of stores on this major shopping hub.

In the background, jutting out on the right was the gents’ outfitters Beaty Bros, where reader Eric Nolan remembers you could buy suits for 37s 6d.

He has some of the old plans drawn up by the architects, when its building was proposed, including an original ‘blueprint’ which outlines the elevation to Church Street and Victoria Street.

It’s dated 1898, and includes the stamp of the architects, Mangnall & Littlewoods of Manchester.

Said Eric: “This firm was evidently one of the top architects of the day, being involved with such projects as Manchester gasworks in 1876, Blackpool pier and pavilions, and Winter Gardens in 1893, Morecambe pier and pavilions, the same year and the Winter Gardens Opera House in Blackpool in 1911.

“The Beaty plans also include six interior layouts on white paper with coloured inks, showing the fitting rooms, cutting rooms, storage, staff kitchen and rest rooms. The rather grand style of architecture of the outside of the building would not be out of place in towns and cities such as Harrogate or Bath, but Blackburn then was a booming town and was building beautiful commercial properties.”