THE traditional billboard is getting a facelift thanks to Dynamax Technologies.

The advertising world has had to adapt to new technologies and now ‘out of home’ digital advertising is reaching a far wider audience than ever before.

Dynamax works with some of the world’s leading outdoor advertising companies, including JCDecaux UK, Clear Channel and CBS Outdoor, to bring adverts to life in bus shelters and on the rail network.

Founder Howard Smith said winning the Innovation award was ‘rewarding’ as he revealed the next project to bring digital advertising to the masses.

He said: “We are just about to launch a new version of our software. Historically it ran on PCs, but we’re moving towards android because android is what people think of mobile phones.

“But now you can literally get a computer on a USB stick that’s got an android operating system on it that plugs into a screen.

“An android PC is about £40 rather than £300, so it’s going to bring cost down, which to small firms is very important because historically we sold to big enterprise companies like JC Decaux UK and Clear Channel, which are massive with billboards around the world, “We’re trying to bring technology down so it’s affordable, so people who want a screen in a reception or if they want screens in factory areas just to put production stats up or if it’s Doris’ birthday, it is within reach. That’s where the real market is. It’s not the advertising market, it’s outside that.

“It’s anyone who wants to cascade information down to a workforce who don’t have access to PCs. If you work in an office you have access to PC and email, but you don’t in a factory. Our technology allows people to get messages across to people who don’t have desktop PCs.”