ALTHAM marketing company Academy Print and Design was recognised for its achievements in the team award category.

The Burnley Road site employs 30 people who offer tactical marketing tools, while demonstrating the importance and value of a successful team.

It aims to answer the marketing needs of any company wanting to succeed in today’s market.

The Media Village is treated as a company in its own right, with regular management meetings and new marketing strategies highlighting clear targets for growth.

Operations director Michael Lambert said: “It is fantastic to have won.

“It was a total surprise, but it was really well deserved.

“The team has worked very hard and they will all be ecstatic to find out they have won this.

“All of the staff have worked really well together and we want to continue with our expansion next year.

“We have the premises expanding and the staff will be expanding too, even in these really difficult economic times.”

The team is hoping to continue growing in 2013 by promoting the concept of the Media Village to the benefit of all partners, investigating new services that can be offered, investigating the streamlining of delivery and increased automation with a web to print service.

Managing director Nick Oakley, who founded the company 18 years ago, said: “By working as a team, we are accountable to each other and most importantly our customers who can trust that we can deliver time and time again.

“We knew we needed to do something to avoid going the same way as too many other printers.

“Our salvation has come about by building a team, a team we have called the Media Village.

“Through that we have not only stopped the decline, we’ve grown and developed.

“We are now positive and optimistic about the future.”

The Media Village holds a 40 per cent share of the total business.