TWENTY-five jobs have been lost after an industrial coatings firm went out of business.

Burnley Bead Blasting, based at Newtown Mill, Queen’s Lancashire Way, has closed its doors after 46 years working with British Nuclear Fuels and the chemical industry.

Peter Dodding, who owned the company, blamed a loss of customers and the failing building for its demise.

He said: “When we lost the BOC contract that was a huge problem and basically, customers have been drying up over a number of years.

“Also, health and safety has become an issue. When the buildings were removed behind us, it caused a water ingress into our building.

“The land is 15ft higher than ours and the buildings used to give us some shelter. But in the winter, we had water coming through the floors and roof and it just made life so difficult.

“We have had to pump water out all year round.

“We did a lot of work for the nuclear industry and they just couldn’t have confidence that we could do the job in this kind of environment.

“We rented the premises and the building has come to the end of its natural life.”

Mr Dodding said he was so sorry for the workers who have been made redundant.

He said: “We had some fantastic times down the years and I’ve worked alongside some brilliant people.

“When you walk down the front at Blackpool, we coated the lamp-posts that stand on the promenade. They will always be a reminder of us.

“Hopefully the people we employed will be able to find work quickly as they will be an asset for someone, maybe at the company that has the BOC contract in Cheshire.”

Cllr Mark Townsend, leader of Burnley Council, said: “It’s extremely disappointing when any job that is lost in Burnley.

“It very much goes against the trend of what is happening in the town as we are exceeding expected growth in terms of jobs.

“We would try and help any business adapt and become more able to meet the demands of the marketplace. There are a lot of employment opportunities in Burnley so I hope those people directly affected find employment very soon.”