OFFICE Furniture manufacturer The Senator Group has bought a new warehouse on on Altham Business Park as part of its 'steady expansion'.

It has also moved its London showroom from Euston to Charterhouse Square.

The newly-purchased 74,000 square foot warehouse is opposite Senator’s Hyndburn headquarters.

The firm's chairman Colin Mustoe said: "This is part of a steady expansion by Senator.,

"It replaces warehouse space we have been renting locally.

"We are continuing to recruit people in East Lancashire for our bases on Altham Business Park, at Huncoat and in Lower Darwen.

"It is part of a planned, steady expansion.

"Our turnover has increased to £164million annually and we employ 1,400 people. more than 1,200 in East Lancashire.

"We have seen a big expansion in the United States and growing demand overseas and in the UK.

"Our recruitment is in terms of dozens rather than hundreds but is a continuing process."

He said the Euston showroom has been bought as part of a major development and the replacement was closer to the City of London.

Mr Mustoe also said Senator's annual 'Family Fun Day' at his Salesbury Hall home in Ribchester would be on June 30.