GREEN-FINGERED volunteers from Blackburn-based EPSL Educational Printing helped to complete a mammoth makeover at Blackpool Zoo.

Packing up their trunks and saying goodbye to the office, the team travelled to the zoo to assist with a few finishing touches ahead of the launch of Project Elephant Base Camp – the zoo’s new multi-million pound elephant facility.

Two teams dedicated a day each to the task, transforming the popular dinosaur safari, which forms the entrance to project elephant base Camp, into a green oasis.

David Pickering, managing director at EPSL Educational Printing said their ongoing partnership has come about due to a shared passion for education.

He said: "After hearing that our friends at Blackpool Zoo needed a helping hand putting the finishing touches to the area around the new development, we jumped at the chance to help out again.

"We share a passion for education with the zoo and their latest investment is a great way to teach children about the plight of the Asian elephant in the wild and promote the attraction’s on going support of the biodiversity and Elephant Conservation Trust.

"The team couldn’t wait to get stuck in and loved every minute."