AN IT support company has teamed up with a global bank to continue its mission of making businesses aware of the threat of hacking.

It comes as Burnley-based Holker IT has had its reputation as a leading light in cyber security recognised after being featured on a globally popular blog on security and online privacy.

Matthew Metcalfe, founder and managing director of Holker IT, carried out an interview with vpnMentor which has been translated into 30 languages and could be seen by up to five million readers inside a month.

Mr Metcalfe said: “We were delighted to get the call from vpnMentor and being selected once again serves to underline our credentials as a cyber security expert.

“It is mind blowing to think that what we have to say on the subject and how we propose to offer solutions is now being seen by millions of people across the world.”

Over the past year, vpnMentor, which is based in Israel, has interviewed CEOs and MDs from industry giants like Avira, SenseCy, Kaymera and Sixgill.

Ditsa Keren, chief editor at vpnMentor, said: “We heard of Holker IT’s standing in the UK and were very interested to learn more about their work in cyber security, especially with them being one of the few companies with a dedicated cyber security department.

“The interview is certain to be of great interest to our millions of followers. What he said was so relevant to what is happening out there right now and how businesses across the world need to recognise the dangers.”

Holker IT has teamed up with NatWest to stage a number of cyber security seminars.

Mr Metcalfe added: “We are on a mission to make companies totally aware of the threat of hacking.

“Many business people still don’t properly understand the dangers and have little idea about the technologies being used for prevention and protection.

“Looking ahead, say five years, I believe IT security and support will be managed by separate, dedicated teams, so a security analyst will not be working with the IT department, but directly with security.”