A MOTOR dealership has revealed the most popular car colours of 2017 in Lancashire is, white.

Chorley Group, which has a branch in Westgate, Burnley, released stats showing more than a fifth of the cars bought were white, followed by black, with 19 per cent and grey with 15 per cent.

One in seven buyers bought a red car, followed by Blue.

Adam Turner, sales director for Chorley Group said: "Black and grey are always popular choices, so it was no surprise to see them on the list – black is the most popular car colour in the country.

"White may suggest our buyers are perhaps a little more optimistic and hopeful than the rest of the country – and perhaps are more prepared to take care of their pride and joy when a speck of dirt appears!

"Blue and red are big favourites with drivers who are looking for something a little more colourful – or perhaps something that reflects their sporting allegiances.

"We're also finding that customers sometimes want something a little different, especially if they're purchasing a car that reflects their personality, and manufacturers have really tapped into this – we can now offer cars in mint green, bright orange and acid yellow – colours we never would have imagined just a few years ago."