A THERAPY clinic using ultra low temperatures has launched a range of whole body treatments.

Cryo Express was the first in the UK to introduce spot cryotherapy at its Blackburn clinic in Cunningham Court in 2014.

The treatment involves the use of very low temperatures to accelerate the body’s natural recovery and was first developed in Japan in 1978 to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

Cryo Express director and physiotherapist Debs Masson said: “Cryotherapy is well established in cutting edge sports therapy and there are whole body units already in use for player recovery in Premiership football clubs and other top-level professional sport health centres across the country.

“But we are the first Cryotherapy Centre of Excellence open to the public in the UK and so we are very excited and proud to be launching Lancashire’s first whole body cryotherapy clinic.

“The benefits of cryotherapy are vast. It can help treat pain and aid recovery from sports injuries and heavy training. It also works on the skin to provide a youthful appearance and can give a significant boost to weight loss.

“We have worked with our clinical and medical partners to develop this Centre of Excellence and we are aiming forge strong relationships with our clients and professional institutions to further develop the efficacy of cryotherapy in the UK.”