THERE was a jumbo traffic jam the day the circus came to Burnley.

For there was only one way for the circus elephants to reach the showground on Fulledge, after their train pulled into Burnley Central - and that was on parade.

But it was a perfect opportunity to let local folk know the circus was in town - and showgirls in their finery and feathers perched on high as the beasts lumbered their way to the Big Top.

Crowds quickly grew in the town centre as the colossal convoy passed by and children looked on in excitement, eager for a ringside seat.

This image is from the late fifties or early sixties and the procession has just passed the bottom of Manchester Road - you can see the white, art deco building of Burton's in to the background - and is making its way along St James's Street, towards the Keirby roundabout.

The buildings and shops - do you remember the old Wimpey Bar and the Palace Theatre, which had been converted into a bingo hall by this time - were all demolished during the redevelopment of the town centre. The clock was a particular feature of this block, too.