THIS view, taken from historic Clitheroe Castle, looks down and along the market town's main street - named after it.

With the picturesque countryside of the Ribble Valley stretching into the distance, in the foreground, Castle Street is busy on a spring day.

Half way down, on the right, is the Swan and Royal Hotel, which has seen many famous visitors, including Mahatma Ghandi, who stayed there in 1933.

His visit to Darwen is often more talked about, but he came to Clitheroe to visit a cotton mill at Low Moor.

Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill was also a guest when, in the early 1940s he visited Sir Frank Whittle’s jet engine factory - who also regularly used the hotel to dine or hold conferences.

At the bottom of Market Place is the town's Carnegie Library which opened in 1905 and which has since been extended into the former town hall building adjacent.

Dungeons from around 1600 still survive in the building, which replaced an even earlier town hall on the same site.

St Mary Magdalene's Church is one of the major landmarks. The earliest record of a church on the site is in 1122 and the tower and east window date from the 15th century. The spire was added in 1844.