HEAVY rain has caused flooding in East Lancashire today.

Homes in Ribchester were flooded after Boyce's Brook overflowed.

Ribblesdale Road residents Christopher and Judith Freeman woke at 6am to a torrent of water running down their street.

Mr Freeman, 67, said: “The water came along the road like a river.

"Once it starts coming it does so very quickly and panic sets in.

“Everyone was waking each other up to move their cars.

“It came in through the back of the house, into the lavatory and ruined the carpets.

“Everyone has been pitching in to help clear the mud and filth left behind.”

Neighbour Susan Thorpe, 50, said: "It was worse in 2004 and since then we've had several near misses."

Roads were also affected by the flooding with part of Clitheroe Road, from the A59 towards Pendle Hill, awash.

The Lancashire Wildlife Trust shut its "floating" nature reserve at Brockholes for the day, because of a flood alert.

And various sporting fixtures across the area have been cancelled including all activities planned this weekend for Blacksnape fields near Darwen, because workers cannot mow the sodden grass.

The Beacons Festival at Heslaker Farm, between Pendle and Skipton, has also been cancelled as the approach road to the site was flooded with two feet of water.