EAST Lancashire experienced its wettest February for a decade, with rainfall double what would normally be expected.

The wet weather came after months of near-drought conditions, which had seen reservoir and river levels plunge.

Weather expert Roy Chetham said last month was ‘exceptionally wet’.

But another drier than average year has been predicted, with the Met Office expecting very little rain in March.

Mr Chetham, who runs a weather station in Huncoat, said: “February was exceptionally wet, dull and mild.

“Rainfall was 204 per cent of normal, which made it the wettest February since 2002.

“Temperatures were well above average, making it the mildest February since 1998.”

Throughout the month there was more than seven inches of rain, with the wettest day recorded on Saturday, February 5. Rain was recorded on 25 of the month’s 28 days.

Last year saw a long dry spell from January to June, leading to a hosepipe ban, but it was then followed by a wet summer and autumn. Then came another long period of dry weather throughout December and January.

The Met Office said there would appear to be little rain on the way to East Lancashire in the coming weeks.