Alistair Brownlee beat brother Jonny to Commonwealth Games gold as England completed a dream day in the triathlon at Strathclyde Country Park.

The Olympic gold medallist had time to grab England and Yorkshire flags and give his brother a clap before walking across the finish line.

England had never won a medal in the sport at the Commonwealths before but took home four in one day after Jodie Stimpson produced a superb performance to take gold in the women's race with Vicky Holland winning a surprise bronze.

The men's race was not nearly as competitive because of the incredible dominance of Yorkshire's Brownlee brothers.

They led virtually from start to finish but it was 26-year-old Alistair who again had the edge to add the Commonwealth title to his Olympic and world crowns.

Jonny, 24, who won Olympic bronze in 2012, finished 11 seconds adrift while South Africa's Richard Murray finished third.

The Brownlees had stated their intention to make it a hard race from the start and they certainly delivered. The pair pushed the pace early in the 1.5 kilometre swim and exited the water in second and third behind South Africa's Henri Schoeman, with 20-year-old Scot Marc Austin in fourth.

They formed a lead group of four but Schoeman over-shot a corner and dropped back into the chasing group. That also included Shoeman's team-mate Murray, who had been billed as the main danger to the Brownlees but paid for his weaker swim.

The three British athletes were working incredibly well together, really pushing on despite the significant heat. It was a phenomenal performance from Austin, who won silver at the world junior championships last year but had never been in contention in a top-class senior race before. He finally found the pace too hot to handle at the end of the fourth lap, dropping off at a rapid rate and soon being swallowed by chase group.

The gap to the Brownlees was hovering at around a minute, and it stayed that way until they set out on the 10km run. Having worked together, the pair were now going all out to beat each other.

Alistair has once again come into top form having struggled with injury niggles earlier in the season, beating Jonny in Hamburg earlier this month. And he wasted no time making his move, pulling out a five-second lead by the end of the first lap, which grew gradually until the end of the race.

Alistair was thrilled with his victory, and joked he may as well retire having achieved the full set of world, Olympic and Commonwealth titles.

"It's absolutely fantastic," he said on BBC1. "This was the goal I wanted to achieve for the season. I've done it now. That's all I wanted to do really. I've done everything I wanted to do, so I don't know what I'm going to do now - I might as well retire!

"My family and most of Yorkshire (were out there) I think. Again, there's more Yorkshire flags than any other nation - that's fantastic. The support we get is just brilliant.

"We were getting lots of cheers from Yorkshire and Scottish accents alike. It was just great - good crowds, a nice sunny day. I think there were more people trying to take selfies and get on TV than supporting triathlon, but it was good all the same. A cheer's a cheer!"

He added: "I really enjoyed it. Jonny was brilliant. We had (Scotland's) Marc Austin for company for most of the bike. He was working pretty hard. It was good."

Jonny was also content with his afternoon's work, having collected another medal to add to his already impressive collection.

"I've completed the whole set now in triathlon, all the medals - not winning, because Alistair's got away there," he said. "But Olympic bronze, Commonwealth silver and world champion - that's great."

He added: "It's hot out here, really hot. I need a good sit-down after this.

"It was really hard. We swam really hard. I came off the bike absolutely shattered. It was a contrast to London, completely, where we were fresh and it was a fast run. That run was not fast - it was slow, but it was hard."