A manager told two female sales executives they would "prosper within the company" if they had a threesome with him, a tribunal has heard.

Anna Mazover, 29, and Diana Nicholl-Pierson, 24, have taken Darren Scott to an employment tribunal in London, claiming they were subjected to sexual harassment during the month they worked at Entico Corporation Limited last year before they were both dismissed "without notice".

The two women claim Mr Scott, who Ms Mazover said was "around 55" in her witness statement, would talk to them about having sex with prostitutes, visiting lap dancing clubs, taking cocaine and said he would make comments about their appearance.

Mr Scott's lawyer Adam Gadd described the claims as "absurd" and a "fabrication", and specifically described the threesome claim as "fantasy".

In her statement, Ms Mazover said that on a daily basis she was subjected to "constant sexual remarks, sexual advances and sexual innuendos" by sales director Mr Scott, telling the tribunal it was "non-stop".

The two claimants said that at a colleague's leaving party in a bar, Mr Scott said to them: "It would be nice if we go back together to my penthouse and have a threesome."

They say he boasted about how he had an elevator that went up to his bedroom, and added, according to Ms Nicholl-Pierson's statement: "If you have a threesome with me tonight, you both would prosper within the company and get a promotion as I make all the decisions and set the rules."

Mr Gadd put it to Ms Mazover today in cross-examination that the idea Mr Scott would offer a promotion, when there was none possible, was "ridiculous".

Entico is a company that delivers publications and online content for the environmental and development sector, and works closely with the United Nations, national and international governments, Ms Mazover said in her statement.

The two women started at the company in May last year - Ms Nicholl-Pierson on May 13, and Ms Mazover on May 20 - and they were dismissed on June 14.

Mr Gadd questioned Ms Mazover on how many days she had been late to work, with him saying she had been late on seven occasions while she claimed she was late on two.

He also questioned her on the one deal she made while employed by Mr Scott which was with a company her father was a shareholder in.

"A deal is a deal," she said.

Ms Mazover, a Ukrainian national, who claimed she was also subjected to inappropriate behaviour concerning her nationality, said Mr Scott would talk to her and her co-claimant about his alleged sexual experiences with women in "graphic detail".

The tribunal heard about how frustrated she would get when Mr Scott would allegedly make no difference between Ukraine and Russia when referring to her nationality.

Ms Mazover said Mr Scott would also mock her accent.

She said he would talk about having sex with prostitutes, and claim he would say "I sh**ged her" and "I took cocaine with her".

Mr Gadd said Mr Scott was a recovering alcoholic who had not taken drugs in 15 years, adding that in his witness statement he described himself as "happily married".

On her first day, Ms Mazover said Mr Scott told her: "You have a great body, you're very tall and slim."

Adding: "You are very sexy.

"Have you ever considered working in a strip club?

"The only disadvantage is that you have no boobs."

Ms Mazover said Mr Scott would talk about visiting lap dancing clubs and claimed he said: "All the lap dancers were queueing up to be my girlfriend."

She said Mr Scott told them his ex-girlfriend was 18 and that he would not go for anyone who was over 24 except for her.

Ms Mazover said Mr Scott would invite her to restaurants or strip clubs and claimed he once said to her: "You can pick a stripper at the strip club and we could have a threesome."

She said she made him aware each time that she did not welcome his sexual advances.

Ms Mazover was asked to demonstrate the way in which she claimed Mr Scott would sit back in his chair with his legs wide open, in what she described as a "very suggestive" manner.

As she did so, she said the way he allegedly did this was "very weird", and said she did not find it a "normal working environment".

Describing the seating plan in the office, Ms Mazover told the hearing that women sat together in one area and men sat together nearby.

When Mr Gadd asked her why she did not leave her job, Ms Mazover said she "needed the money", the job was in a good location in London, and added that she did not want to disappoint herself or the people she had told about getting this job, including her parents.

She also said that because her role required her to speak German and Russian it helped her feel less homesick.

Mr Gadd raised an online profile Ms Mazover had on a website called starnow.co.uk, when he reached the part of her statement where she alleged Mr Scott showed her and her co-claimant an escort website for prostitutes.

The lawyer put it to Ms Mazover that what she said was a "complete manipulation" of what actually happened.

He suggested to her that she showed Mr Scott her profile on the website which was designed to get her work as a dancer, actor or model.

Ms Mazover strongly denied ever showing her profile to Mr Scott, and said that the pictures of her on the website featured her wearing a swimming costume and not lingerie.

She said that her reason for wearing a swimming suit was because she was a professional synchronised swimmer, and had enjoyed the hobby since childhood.

Ms Mazover said, throughout her employment, Mr Scott would often ask her to be his lover.

In her statement, she said on one occasion when he was allegedly talking about his night at a strip club and taking a stripper home to have sex, he said to her: "I'm bored of having sex with brainless strippers.

"When I wake up in the morning, there is nothing to talk about.

"Please, I will give you gifts and money, just be my girlfriend or my lover."

In her witness statement, Ms Nicholl-Pierson said Mr Scott subjected her to a sexual assault when he "started touching the top of my thighs and also my bottom from the outside of my skirt".

She said Mr Scott was "constantly staring at my breasts", and claimed he said: "You've got a pair on you."

Ms Mazover said she was called into a meeting where she was told her contract was being terminated because she did not "fulfil our requirements".

She said she was "in shock", as she had heard no complaints about her work or conduct and felt she was "getting on fine".

According to her statement, the police were called to come and remove her from the premises.

Ms Mazover said Mr Scott was laughing with the police officers and claimed he said: "Do you see these typical Russians?

"You can only remove them with a tank or by force."

The women had raised their complaints about Mr Scott with other colleagues, including HR, before they were dismissed, they said.

Mr Scott denies all the allegations against him.

The claimants' lawyer Michael McDonough told reporters Ms Mazover was seeking around £41,000 and Ms Nicholl-Pierson was seeking around £67,000.

The tribunal continues tomorrow at 10am when Ms Mazover's cross-examination will continue.