Martin Freeman has revealed that Sherlock is one of the best shows he has worked on.

The Hobbit actor stars in the Steven Moffat-penned BBC drama as Doctor John Watson, alongside Benedict Cumberbatch as detective Sherlock Holmes.

"Sherlock is one of the best written things I'll ever do. If I live to 100 I won't do many things that are better written than Sherlock," he said.

"Same with The Office, which was a perfect half hour of comedy for my taste. As a fan I'd like it."

Martin - who plays Bilbo Biggins in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - admitted he looks for both physical and intellectual challenges in roles.

"Dr John's quite physical because he's a soldier, so he's a man of action, he's handy with a gun and has been shot on the battlefield. When something is well written and you get to run around and fire guns and chase people but also have fantastic dialogue, that's when it's most pleasurable."

The 41-year-old hopes for "more good work and more good scripts" in the future.

"I also love plays. I don't think you should set yourself apart as in I'm this actor or I'm this actor. I do plays intermittently and have no plans at the moment," he said.

"I love doing theatre - my background is theatre, my training's theatre but it also has to be really worthwhile because you pretty much lose money doing theatre because I don't do commercial theatre, I do subsidised theatre."