Amy Childs has confessed she can't wrap presents.

The reality TV star and beautician admitted she gets all her Christmas presents wrapped in the shop because she's terrible at doing it herself.

Amy said: "I'm really good at picking presents, but I can't wrap them. So I go to Lakeside or Bluewater [shopping centres] and go 'Will you wrap them for me?'."

The 22-year-old also admitted she can't really cook, so she's going to put her feet up on Christmas Day and leave all the work to her mum and her boyfriend.

Amy said: "I've got a salon and a boutique, I really dress them up, but my mum does it at home.

My boyfriend Dave and my mum will do the cooking this year. I'm not really good at cooking. I'm starting to learn a little bit, but I'll leave it to them too this year."