Kayvan Novak has said he's working on a film version of his TV shows Fonejacker and Facejacker - but don't expect to see it soon.

Fonejacker won a Bafta while subsequent show Facejacker moved from making prank calls to winding people up in person while wearing disguises.

Kayvan, 33, said of the film: "The skeleton is there. It will have all your favourite characters and it will be in the UK and abroad and will be very funny.

"It will be exciting, but don't get too excited too quickly."

The Iranian-British actor, who has lent his voice to Full English, an animated sitcom about a British family, added: "If there is a film, which I plan there to be, it will be out in 2014 because making films is a very slow process."

Full English begins on Channel 4 on Monday, November 12.