IT WAS another very good weekend for us.

We are top of the table now after two wins but they were both tough games.

We knew it was going to be a tough weekend as we have had a few injuries and obviously our coach Dan MacKriel has been in hospital having his appendix taken out, so we did very well to come away with the wins.


On Saturday against Sheffield Spartans we won 12-4 and it was a strong performance.

We went a goal down but I always felt like we had enough and felt like we were in control.

It was an early face-off with a 1.30pm start and we are not used to that but we coped well and in the end deserved the win.

They tried to rough us up a bit and I think that is what sides are going to try and do to us this season but we kept our discipline well.

We knew we couldn’t react and we just focussed on our hockey and in the end that proved to be enough.

We were back at the arena on Sunday against Solway and I was very impressed with how we played. Solway are a good side and they have a couple of new players who are very very good signings.

But we played really well, again they tried to use some rough tactics against us but again we didn’t react and in the end we came away with a very good result.

It was probably the best we have played up until now this season so that was pleasing.

We play them again this weekend and they will be after a little bit of revenge but if we play like we did in our last two games then I am confident we can get the right result.

It is nice to be at the top of the table but we are not getting carried away. It is a long season and there is a lot of hockey still to be played.

All the other sides in this division are taking points off each other and we just have to try and take each game as it comes.