I HAVE been asked how this season’s team compares to last season’s, but I think it’s too early to tell.

Some of the lads are still finding their feet a little bit. It’s a very new team, totally different to last year, with seven going out and seven coming in.


The free weekend has given us a chance to reflect at this very early stage and we must say the signs are good with three wins from three games. We can’t really complain.

The first game in Billingham was especially pleasing because we knew it was going to be a tough one and we stepped up.

And considering there are guys that haven’t really played together, we’ve done well because each line is performing and we’re getting goals on every line, which I’ve said before is something we’ve never really had.

I think we’re a lot more balanced over the three lines. In previous years we’ve maybe had a strong first and second, but maybe not so much a third, but I think all three lines have been good.

And it bodes well for this Saturday at Sheffield Senators (4.30pm) and at home to Sheffield Spartans on Sunday (5.45pm). They are two tough games, although I’m not entirely sure what to expect from Senators. But we will go into it with the right attitude as we want to put on some performances now.

I don’t think we’ve been at our best yet. I think that’s still to come, but we’ve started well and that’s all we can ask for. Our improved discipline has helped with that. I think we’re still taking a few too many silly ones that we could do without, but sometimes you get them.

But we’re better with five on the ice, so the longer we can have that the better our chances are going to be.

It’s hard to tell how the free weekend will have affected us.

The break has been good to give a few knocks a rest, but it’s not good for momentum and that’s what we need right now.

I think the NIHL North Cup that we will now be playing in will help with that because it’s good to get extra game under our belts.

It’s probably been tough only having one game per weekend so far because you can’t really get into it.