Pioneer 79 Amateur Swimming Club have been busy with a variety of competitions.

After their success of winning the Micro League North West Division ‘A’ Gala swim off, next up was the Grand ‘A’ Final for the ‘Bolton and District Mini League’.

Alongside Pioneer 79 in this ‘A’ Final were Bolton, St Helens, Wigan, Warrington Warriors and Worsley.

History has it that Pioneer 79, Warrington Warriors and Worsley are of a very similar standard and the battle for the top is usually between these three competitive clubs.

Events for each age group in the competition are 25m, 50m or 75m in length, with swimmers able to swim a maximum of three individual swims and relays.

Throughout the evening, as expected, Pioneer 79, Warrington Warriors and Worsley were neck and neck with only a point or two dividing them.

As the final race of the evening finished, it was apparent that both Pioneer 79 and Warrington Warriors had finished on exactly the same number of points.

With only one team able to win, it was decided that for the first time ever in the history of the competition, there would have to be a ‘swim off’.

The fairest way for this to be decided was for each of the two teams to pick eight swimmers, one male and one female swimmer from each age group to swim 25m in a continuous relay, then a freestyle ‘canon’ would take place, the winning team would then be the overall winners of the competition.

When the swimmers were chosen, they took their places at their relevant ends of the pool, with the Year 9 girls swimming first, to hand over to the Year 9 boys.

It was neck and neck after the first four lengths, then Pioneer gradually edged out into the lead, the cheering was so intense, at the last take over, 12-year-old Meghann Leaver had about a 5m lead and she handed over to Ewan McKavett, who was determined not to let anyone get in front. With over 5m to spare, Pioneer 79 Swimming Club had done it, they were the 2011-2012 Mini League Champions! The spectators and swimmers went wild.

A massive ‘well done’ goes out to all the swimmers who took place in the Mini League, the earlier rounds, as well as the final - without the strength of our swimmers, our coaching staff and club, this result could not have been achieved.