AT the time of writing the January window business is quiet, yet encouraging, writes Simon Smith.

One hopes Paul Downing’s desire does not dip now he has fully left a club which bizarrely thought their other four centre-halves were superior to him. And although I believe the You Tube showreel of Adam Armstrong is very impressive we’ll see a more rounded view of him from the terraces.

In the traditional ‘fake news’ season there have been scare stories such as Bradley Dack being targeted (and why wouldn’t teams be eyeing him up?) and Jason Lowe returning, probably sideways, before his playing boots have even left. I await a rumour that Wayne Rooney was in the Brockhall newsagents buying 20 Consulate and peering at Saga Magazine.

Whoever arrives or departs in the meantime, Saturday is a game Rovers must be up for. Fans will forgive a slow start just as long as the opposition are kept at arms length. Keeping possession, setting the tempo and playing the game, not the occasion, is key to victory.

There does seem to be a group of teams who treat Wigan like they are Manchester City and write their games with them off but for the most part this is a fiercely competitive division and that is a breath of fresh air.

That said I would welcome the return of the close, oppressive Championship.

Shrewsbury are on a great run but their cushion over Rovers will leave them in a dilemma; do they come to get a point, or do they come to win and steal a march on us?

Many teams have come to sit back and take a point but with the attacking options Rovers now possess this may not pay off.

Scunthorpe found themselves under relentless pressure at times and somehow clawed a draw.

Shrewsbury may have to hope for similar fortune if Rovers are anywhere near top gear.

Let’s hope they are all revved-up and ready to go.