KEITH Treacy has not returned to fight for a new deal at Burnley, after failing to hit his physical target.

The winger was not offered new terms by manager Sean Dyche at the end of his three-year Clarets deal.

But after playing his part in promotion Treacy was offered the opportunity to earn the chance to be part of their Premier League squad.

It is an incentive that the Republic of Ireland international appears to have passed up, with no sign of him on the squad’s return to training this week.

Burnley’s early pre-season sessions have focused on fitness testing.

It is understood Treacy, who was notorious for reporting back for pre-season out of shape, was given a body fat target to hit, but he fell short.

Body fat percentage is the total mass of fat divided by total body mass, including essential body fat and storage body fat.

The average body fat percentage for a male is between 18 and 24. For a male athlete it is between six and 13.