BURNLEY boss Sean Dyche hopes the Clarets’ play-off push can entice more fans back to Turf Moor.

Home attendances have struggled to get above 13,000 for the most part this season.

But with the Clarets climbing up to seventh in the Championship – after last weekend’s win at Millwall made for a 100 per cent start to 2013 in the league – Dyche is keen to see recent results reflected in the viewing figures, and boost their tilt for the top six.

The 41-year-old is mindful that football has had to take a backseat for many in a tough economic climate, but has vowed to deliver value for money.

“We want to give them something good that entertains them and is successful and that’s an important part of it,” said Dyche, ahead of Saturday’s visit of Birmingham City.

“Of course we’d like to (get more fans in) but at the end of the day there’s an economy out there that’s suggesting life’s pretty tough. You have to bear that in mind. It doesn’t mean they’re not fans, it just probably means they haven’t got the money at the moment to be able to afford to go.

“I’m sure there are plenty like that across the country, and some people in Burnley will fall into that category.

“I think partly that’s the reality of football, and if you look across the whole of football it’s like that.

“We thoroughly appreciate the support we get, home and away, and hopefully it will build for the future with young people coming in and supporting the club and the next generation.

“But it sometimes takes time to regenerate a fanbase and to move it forward.”

But Dyche is aware of their loyal following.

“The one thing for sure, once you’re a Burnley fan that’s it, you're a Burnley fan,” he said.

“We want that next generation. We value the support, long may it continue, and if we can get more in the ground – home and away – fantastic.”

The Clarets boss now hopes a continuation of recent results will help to influence getting more through the turnstiles.

“You hope so but if people haven’t got money to come and watch football, it is what it is,” he said.

“But we’re hoping it promotes itself from the results and the good feeling around the place.

“There is a connection between the fans and the players and I always feel that’s important.

“It’s accelerated by wins, the mesh that holds it together becomes even stronger.

“The challenge is if things don’t go quite as well to keep everyone on board and keep the noses pointing in the right direction.

“But we’re enjoying it at the moment and we want more people to come and enjoy it, if they can do it of course.

“All we can do is play good football, get wins and keep promoting the club from within and encourage the youngsters especially, because they’re the fans of the future, to come in and watch us.”