‘BY changing nothing, nothing changes.’Amer-ican motivational speaker Tony Robbins once said that.

It is perhaps, then, no coincidence that Burnley have selected a fellow countryman to boost their board-room following Paul Fletcher’s decision to relinquish his chief executive title.

Lee Hoos is the new kid on the block, or at least he will be as of Tuesday when he officially steps into Fletcher’s shoes and gets to work.

It is not entirely new territory for the Clarets, who invited American businessman Ray Ingleby onto the board in February 1999.

Although he had Lancashire connections, being born and raised in Lytham St Annes, he made his name – and most of his money – in the States. Even so, Burnley’s new recruit is a break away from the norm.

As exciting as change can be on the one hand, there is often a sense of fear on the other; a worry about the unknown.

Some fans have already voiced their concerns, particularly homing in Hoos’ involvement in the Thai takeover of Leicester.

Even for those who called for Kilby and Brendan Flood to quit following a summer sale and during the run of four straight league defeats it would be a case ‘better the devil you know’, especially when they are mindful of the soap opera being lived out by their fiercest rivals right now.

Although you can never say never, Kilby has offered assurances that they aren’t steering the agenda for foreign invest-ment.

The club’s heritage is important to the board, but so is the future, and this is a change that everyone must embrace to make it work.

Although it was with some sadness that Fletcher announced his resignation, he recognised the need for an injection of a fresh focus and new ideas.

In conversation with people who have previously worked with Hoos, it became clear that he is people person. One described him as a “great networker”, and the Clarets will need to draw on all of his strengths to boost interest in and income for the club.

The Turf Moor job is a change for him too.

All his experience in football up to now has been at city clubs.

Burnley is a small town club, but it needs a big vision to be able to compete.

If Lee Hoos is ready to take on that challenge, he needs the backing of everyone at Burnley for it to succeed.