There will be no more compelling argument for summer football this season than that advanced by Burnley 1 Peterborough 1; certainly not from the points of view of the 13,258 gibbering, shivering wrecks who slid, slipped and skated away from Turf Moor on Saturday.

Yours truly was in the early stages of frost-bite. In fact there were times when the scenes resembled the episode of “Frozen Planet” Sir David Attenborough forgot to shoot.

Groups of supporters huddled together for warmth in the blizzard, clutching cups of coffee, in the manner of Emperor penguins thronging together to survive the brutalities of the Antarctic winter; although at least the penguins were fortunate enough not to have to endured the dire first half of the game.

It was about the least fun you could have on a Saturday (unless you count making a 10-hour round trip to London to watch your hapless defence ship seven goals and shelling out in excess of £100 for the privilege).

But through the swirling snow, the numb toes and the soaked clothes, there was one moment which made it (almost) worthwhile.

When Jay Rodriguez collected the ball just inside Peterborough’s half, three minutes from time, there looked to be nothing on.

But special players make things happen. And Jay Rod is a special player. There were so many things to admire about the goal; his 17th this season.

There was the strength to make the run, the courage in taking on and beating literally half of Posh’s outfield players, the vision and calmness he demonstrated in doing so; and, of course, the way in which he administered the coup de grace, a composed slot home.

Soon enough, the local lad will go out and ply his trade in the wider world.

He’s certainly shown he’s capable. But for now, we should savour him while he is still a Burnley player.