BARRY Kilby’s successor is set to be elected tomorrow, after he officially stands down as chairman at a board meeting.

The 63-year-old will retire after 13-and-a-half years at the Turf Moor helm to concentrate on his health, after being diagnosed with cancer in November.

Kilby will retain his shares and place on the board, and will have his say in who the new chairman will be, although at this stage he admits he does not know who of the four other directors - Brendan Flood, John Banaszkiewicz, Mike Garlick and Clive Holt - will get the vote.

“We have a board meeting on Friday when the directors will elect their new chairman,” confirmed Kilby.

“Whoever's elected from the board of directors will carry on the work we've done here.

“I know the guys well obviously, they're my fellow directors. Somebody will take over the role that I've had.

“Perhaps they won't even be as hands on – I think the game's move on more from the traditional chairman.

“But we've a good board and I think we'll all work together.

“It will be run very much as we've run it before.”