ROVERS are in to the top six for the first time this season and with 10 games gone I think they are handily placed, writes Simon Garner.

A lot of people were expecting them to walk away with the league and thinking they would be in the top two for the whole season.

But they have gone under the radar a bit and all of a sudden they have hit form after those two early defeats.

It is pleasing to see them starting to win at home.

Hopefully with a run of home games coming up they can start to make it really hard for teams to pick up points at Ewood.

The back-to-back home wins certainly should give the players more confidence when playing in front of the home fans.

It was another 1-0 win, and another clean sheet, and I think you have got to give Mowbray a lot of credit, it looks to be an area that he is sorting out.

Mowbray has had time on the training pitch to work with the players and they know what is expected of them.

Over the last few years, with the number of goals they have conceded, the strikers have been going out there thinking they have to score two or three goals to get something out of the game.

But being able to win a game 1-0 is a good feeling.

You can get used to winning 1-0. I remember playing under Howard Kendall we won a lot of games 1-0 and knowing that you can keep clean sheets gives the whole team confidence that if you score first you can go on and win the game.

It is particularly important for Rovers to score first at Ewood because it makes the opposition come out and attack a bit more and that can play in to their hands a bit more when they are looking for that second goal.

If you can get a goal in front, particularly early on, then that should play in to Rovers’ hands.

Slowly but surely you get the feeling as a player that if we score one goal then we can win the game.”