GARY Bowyer and Terry McPhillips have almost miraculously bought Venky’s some time to sort out the mess that is Blackburn Rovers Football Club. They now need to take it.

Choosing the right manager is obviously a decision they need to get right – for once – but, with the caretaker duo handling the situation admirably, there is another major issue that needs to be sorted first.

How on earth is the club expected to run smoothly when the people charged with controlling it on a day-to-day basis at Ewood Park can’t agree on anything?

The division between operations director Paul Agnew and managing director Derek Shaw on one side and global advisor Shebby Singh on the other is obvious to all and there can be do doubt it is harming the club.

During Tuesday’s impressive 3-0 win over Nottingham Forest, Singh even situated himself in a private box to snub Agnew and Shaw, as the pair returned from their crisis talks in India.

Only they can know what the differences of opinion are about and fans will have their own opinions on who is in the wrong and who is in the right.

Forget ‘Team Singh’ or Team ‘Shaw and Agnew’ though, Venky’s have to bang a few heads together to get them working as a team.

If that is impossible, they need to take immediate action and make the necessary changes.

At the moment, it is almost as though the players and the coaches have got two bosses and they don’t know which one’s word is god.

Some players, who want to remain unnamed, agree the current situation is untenable and believe there needs to be some drastic action taken to sort it out.

It was ‘team work’ from top to bottom that saw Blackburn Rovers enjoy the glory years.

Sure, there were differences in opinion along the way, but you always got the feeling everyone was pulling in the same direction.

Not once have you got that feeling under Venky’s.

It has been like a revolving door with power struggles the name of the game and bringing complete confusion to the club.

Venky’s have consistently failed to get the right structure and personnel at the top of the club and they continue to do so.

Until they sort that, it doesn’t matter who they get in is a manager or what players they sign, the club will always be in chaos.

Stability is desperately needed and that is impossible with things the way they are now.