Young cricketers from Clitheroe Cobras are in the UAE to support England in the one-day series, here coach FAROUK HUSSAIN explains how spin could well be the future...

Day Two

A decent night’s sleep was followed by a hearty breakfast as the some of the braver Cobras tourist headed for their first historic challenge of the day, up the Burj Khalifa, the World’s tallest building.

After a little bit of coercing, young Puddle Poole and Stonesy were convinced of the importance of conquering their fear of heights(or they would be called wimps for the whole tour) and ushered into the lift, which took a mere 60 seconds to climb the 124 floors!

Some were braver than others upon reaching the 124th floor but the views were certainly spectacular. A spicy lunch in the Dubai Mall, was followed by an unforgettable visit to the record breaking Sharjah International Stadium, to play Cottesmore.

What an experience this was! The game took place in the centre of the main square where Pakistan had played two days earlier and the wicket was a touch different to the ones found back home at Chatburn Road.

A solid batting performance with a steady 54 from (Mr Gotta Get My Sleep) Sam Mulligan and 42 from (Dig a Trench at the Crease) Dom Stuart helped the Cobras to post a stiff 193.

Cottesmore were never in the hunt and a 4 pronged demon spin attack of Hardcastle, Hussain and the two Stuart brothers ,of whom the younger, George, spun the ball like his father spins a yarn, helped to restrict them to 103.

Quite clearly the tasty but fiery biryani at tea, the cats did seem to mysteriously disappear around this time, helped to loosen the spinning fingers of the Cobras youngsters, as well as other bodily parts for some of the adult contingent.

Big shout out for Tarquin who managed to blag his way into choosing the size of roller (the light one or him were the options available)before being the Guest Roller Pusher for five minutes, under the watchful eye of the ground staff! All his Christmases had come at once!

Not all the Cobras crew made it to this historic ground and unforgettable occasion in Sharjah. Some decided to explore alternative sights of Dubai and indulge in leisure activities at the hotel.

They certainly missed one heck of a day!! But I’m sure they had fun! We have no game on Monday. We’re off to Abu Dhabi to visit the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and then to watch England.

Wonder if they are short of players?

Pakistan may well play four spinners, Cobras played four today. England please take note!