IT was a nice touch of Pendle Council to finally honour the legendary Lord Learie Constantine by unveiling a blue plaque on his old house in Nelson...but it is the least they could do.

The late and truly great West Indian, for those people that don’t know, was a ground breaker when he arrived in the Lancashire League back in the 1920s.

He was a true superstar, he was a legend – and he put the town on the map.

People around the world know of Nelson because of Lord Learie; people visit the town because of Lord Learie.

There are still connections with the Constantine family in Nelson as well. So yes, it is only right that some honour is made to the man’s memory.

I know the cricket club have campaigned for years and this plaque is a small step.

But perhaps now the bean counters at Nelson town hall should honour Lord Learie properly and put a statue up in the Place de Criel smack bang in the centre of town.