Young cricketers from Clitheroe Cobras are in the UAE to support England in the one-day series, in Day Four of his blog, coach FAROUK HUSSAIN describes how his charges coped on a day without cricket...

A lazy morning for all as it was the first cricket free day! Not quite sure how I would cope but it turned out to be a terrific afternoon and evening.

Some lazed around the pool while others headed into the malls to Sega Republic, the enormous aquarium and a spot of free chocolate sampling.

That Florence woman has no shame! She’d take sweets from a child! Valentine’s Day came and went with very few, if any surprises!

A small, select group armed with an endless supply of cash headed down Fashion Avenue making a beeline for the Agent Provocateur outlet where for some a life changing education took place.

One of the easily excitable shoppers from the Cobras group was overheard muttering ”will that not hurt her”?

My sources were unable to catch the reply so I am unable to report the rest of the conversation. I will make the relevant enquiries and keep you informed if more information comes to light!

A quick lunch, preceded by a heated discussion with a taxi driver about his excessive charge (he’s a tight so and so is our Tarquin) meant the troops were ready to head out into the desert for their safari. After an hour of hanging around waiting for the jeeps to arrive and a lot of stress the King Cobra, we were on our way.

The desert can be a daunting environment at the best of times but when sat alongside Florence of Arabia it becomes a totally greater challenge.

Only a certain individual can rise to this kind of challenge, so the tour party felt it was only fitting that yours truly took this one for the team!

I’m a Tour Leader get me outta here came to mind. Thanks guys!

A white knuckle and even brown bottom rampage over the sand dunes for some, brought us to a vantage point as we watched the sun set.

Photo opportunities and a play in the sand was followed by another exhilarating drive to our camp where the camels awaited.

The Bedouin camp provided much banter and entertainment as the Cobras engaged in a variety of activities; camel riding, smoking the hubbly bubbly, dressing up in the local attire and handling a falcon.

Food and drink were in plenty supply. A few hours later we were all racing across the desert again trying to avoid being stuck in the sand on full pressure tyres.

Many vehicles became stuck, thankfully all the Cobras were returned safely to their hotel.

For some it was straight to bed. King Cobra, Footlong and Tarquin all headed back out for even more late night entertainment. How long will the body hold up?