NETHERFIELD Cricket Club have announced South African JJ Pienaar as their new professional for the 2012 FBS Northern Premier League campaign.

In 2010 the club were due to sign Brady Barends but he had difficulty in obtaining a visa from the British High Commission in his native South Africa and the club had to terminate his contract.

In June they instead managed to secure the services of Australian Ben Laughlin for the remainder of the season.

Jacobus (Cobus) is a 26-year-old who is currently playing for Easterns in the provincial competition and he is attached to the Titans franchise team.

He is a left hand batsman with a first class batting average of 33.14. He usually comes in at four and is an occasional opening bowler,but more generally as first change.

Pienaar has 97 wickets bowling right arm medium and has a high batting score of 185 which he achieved in 2011.

John Mason, the new Netherfield captain, is delighted with the capture and is looking forward to a successful partnership with the new professional.

It is hoped Pienaar will arrive for the pre-season Easter weekend cricket friendlies with a club side from the North East.

The first Northern League match will be against St Annes at Parkside Road on Saturday, April 14.

* Netherfield have also announced their new captains for the season, with Matt Clinton leading the 2nd team, Steven Wilson the 3rds and Martin Boyd and Mike Dugdale sharing the role for the 4th team.