ABANDONED was a very apt word to describe not only the referee’s defenceless decision to call the match off on Saturday, but also how many of us on the terraces were left feeling.

The ball stuck once in a puddle and that was that. The game was off as it was too dangerous for the players to continue.

With that mentality every Sunday league and junior football team will now only be permitted to play in the summer for fear of the devastating effects mud can have on a player’s legs.

There was only ever going to be one winner in the match after a poor Morecambe side had a player sent off but that’s not the point.

As football fans we are constantly overlooked, did the referee stop to think for one minute about the hundreds of travelling Morecambe fans?

Of course not because unless the issue is crowd disturbance or numbers of stewards required per match the footballing authorities could not care less.

You may say the cash on the turnstiles is only a fraction of the money that goes into football but who buys the TV sports packages and who do the sponsors want to sell their products to?

We have more power as fans than we give ourselves credit for and it is high time we started to tell them what we think.