IT WAS a comprehensive win for Rovers at Rochdale on Saturday and great to see so many travelling fans as well, writes Simon Garner.

When you get the away fans all together singing along and it is a big thing for a player, it really does help you, and it was brilliant to see.

That is now three wins in a row and they will look to make that four at Scunthorpe tonight.

As soon as you have won a game then you won’t to get back out there.

When you are winning games you want to keep that going and keep the run going.

As a player no matter what league you are in, if you are winning games then it gives you are full of confidence the next time you take to the pitch.

Things can change quickly and I think the players and manager knew it was going to take some time to adjust.

It seems to have finally got through to them how difficult it will be to win games in this division.

The manager is getting his message across and I think the players will have learned a lot from those opening two games.

The opposition will always work hard and that’s the one thing Rovers have to do in every game.

They have enough skill in their squad to win the games if they match that.

Playing four of their opening six games away from home, at places such as Southend, Rochdale and Scunthorpe, will help them get acclimatised to this division.

They are also now working as a team, and defending from the front is now a big part of the game.

I would be no good nowadays.

It’s a team game and you have to be able to defend from the front.

The way the game is, the higher up the pitch you can defend the better it is for the team as a whole.

When I was playing the defenders used to play the ball more direct no matter what pressure was put on them.

Today you find more teams trying to play out from the back and play in to midfield.

That might change with some teams, and when the pitches become that bit more difficult, but you still need to be able to defend as a team.

Some teams won’t have defenders who are comfortable on the ball and the more you are able to pressurise them the more chance you have of winning the ball back higher up the pitch.