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MATCHDAY LIVE: Burnley v Stoke City


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    Goredaleman 6:44pm Tue 4 Apr 17
    Please take note just how many posts there are on the other thread from the 'collective'. All because a couple of you gave IT some attention.

    For goodness sake, learn the lesson and leave IT alone. It was all but dead and buried and as someone else said, you gave it '"Air to breathe."

    Boycott the troll please.

    C'mon you PL Clarets.

    Last edited: 12:05am Wed 5 Apr 17

    Score: 8
    walkslikeaduck Replying Goredaleman 6:53pm Tue 4 Apr 17
    Not always as black and white as that, before any comment was made directly to it, 4 out 5 comments were from it. That thread was going nowhere anyway.
    Score: 2
    Goredaleman Replying walkslikeaduck 6:58pm Tue 4 Apr 17
    They would soon have dried up had IT been left alone.

    Please observe the boycott.
    Score: 8
    walkslikeaduck 7:19pm Tue 4 Apr 17
    patiently waiting for interesting and reasoned debate to start.............
    Score: 3
    Craig Souter Replying walkslikeaduck 10:11pm Tue 4 Apr 17
    Just for you - a bit of provocation.
    Was that ref prejudiced? Ashley Barnes gets booked again - but it didn't look at all deserved. Then again, at a foul every 2 minutes, was the ref just fed up with what was happening and decided to dish out some retribution?

    And wasn't it nice that Robbo got the day off so Pope could learn bench-polishing?

    Last edited: 12:17am Wed 5 Apr 17

    Score: 2
    walkslikeaduck Replying Craig Souter 10:20pm Tue 4 Apr 17
    The refs mother is obviously from Blackburn. Not sure about his dad, well as no-one really is from that neck of the woods.

    Last edited: 12:05am Wed 5 Apr 17

    Score: 2
    Rob.H2O 9:47pm Tue 4 Apr 17
    Go and eat it collective. Eat it. Eat it. Eat it.
    Score: 3
    AMPBFC Replying Rob.H2O 10:05pm Tue 4 Apr 17
    That wasn't supposed to happen was it? 😂

    Shame about Bristol City. They got an absolute hammering and appear to have slipped into the bottom 3. Oh wait hang on 😉
    Score: 3
    Rob.H2O Replying AMPBFC 10:10pm Tue 4 Apr 17
    Ha! Right up em!

    Justice marches down the street with the band playing.
    Score: 4
    AMPBFC Replying Rob.H2O 10:12pm Tue 4 Apr 17
    1 more win should see the PREMIER league clarets safe i think. But lets play it safe and go with 7 wins yeah? 😉. Starting with Boro away
    Score: 2
    John Claret Replying AMPBFC 10:15pm Tue 4 Apr 17
    Incredible. 35 points on the board and still 7 (SEVEN) games to go!

    A top half finish is not beyond us.
    Score: 3
    Zom Zom Replying Rob.H2O 10:17pm Tue 4 Apr 17
    You just know that even the best 2 outcomes at the end of the season (Burnley STILL Lancashire's only Premier League club and Rovers joining the other current third rate clubs) the empty headed prat will still be the empty vessel making the most noise.

    They are even hijacking the Beeb's Have Your Say comments sections, and the supporters of other clubs can't believe how pathetic they are. They, like us, will be glad to see the chumps in League 1 with Rochdale and Bury. Mind you, even those clubs have a bigger say in the transfer market these days it is pencilled in to be a laugh a minute 9 months or so...

    Last edited: 8:38am Wed 5 Apr 17

    Score: 3
    John Claret 10:11pm Tue 4 Apr 17
    Now that friends and neighbours is a massive MASSIVE win for the Clarets. A magnificent 3 points and a 10th (TENTH) home win of the season!

    Now 8 points plus vastly superior goal difference clear of 18th place.

    What a truly sickening evening for the no-dad contingent who have spent the last few days m@sturbating over our recent poor run.

    Gobsh!tes the lot of them.

    We're 2 points off 9th place, it's time to turn our attention to those above us and finish strongly.
    Score: 4
    Goredaleman 10:22pm Tue 4 Apr 17
    Well, it certainly wasn't pretty but all that mattered tonight was the three points. I think 35 will be enough as I've said for a while but the pressure has eased a bit now and we should now reach at least 40.

    Need Defour to play on the right, not on the left. He's much more comfortable there but he showed what a class act he is with some nice touches.

    Nice work from Hendrick in the lead up to goal. Didn't do much else. I think too many members of our defence and midfield are scared to go forward because they are scared of leaving the back door open.

    What's happened to Barton? Awful on Saturday and not much better today. Gave the ball away every few mins. Not like him at all.

    I think next season I'd like to see three at the back, hopefully Keane, Mee and Tarky. That will allow our full backs to become wing backs and give us a threat from wide positions.

    Funniest thing I think I've ever seen in football tonight though. Charlie Adam falls as he's about to take a corner and moves the ball. So he picks it up to replace it. Linesman is about to let him take it again but hears everyone shouting 'Hand Ball'. Finally gives a free kick to Burnley, rightly so.

    Meanwhile, down at Reading, he he.

    C'mon you PL Clarets

    Last edited: 8:37am Wed 5 Apr 17

    Score: 3
    Sean Dyche 12:07am Wed 5 Apr 17
    Oops have I missed something or have our collective w@nkers gone missing hahahahahahahahahah fcuck em
    Score: 3

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