ACCRINGTON Stanley boss James Beattie fears a lack of training facilities could have a detrimental effect on his side.

The Reds were using pitches at the manager’s old school, Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Blackburn, for much of last season.

But after QEGS discovered they were putting substantial grant money required for drainage work in jeopardy, Stanley had to seek alternative arrangements.

That meant using their home pitch towards the end of last season.

With the season only just under way they want to preserve the quality of their home surface for as long as possible, but they are struggling to find a new suitable training arena.

“Every morning we come in and try to find somewhere to train,” said Beattie.

“I’m trying to tap into the local independent schools who have got excellent facilities that are well maintained.

“But I have to put that job of finding facilities in a line of the other jobs that I have to do.

“I’m always striving to get them the best of what I can physically provide and what’s available.

“It’s tough at the moment. I could do with some help.”

Stanley have trained predominantly on council run King George V playing fields close to the Store First Stadium, but poor weather has rendered the surfaces unsuitable at times, including after a morning downpour on Thursday, hindering preparations for this afternoon’s game at Cheltenham.

“At QEGS, where we were training last year, we didn’t realise how lucky we were having that,” said Beattie.

“If they have a professional team training on their ground they lose a grant of £60,000-£70,000, which they’re going to use to do the drainage on the pitches.

“It first happened when I was at school there, which was about 20 years ago, so it needs doing again.

“One of the things we spoke about when we first went in there was that we would try to raise half the money – I think it was about £90,000 they needed – and they were going to raise the other half from events.

“But none of that ever materialised.

“I suppose if they can get a grant for £70,000 and not have a professional football team training on their pitches they’re going to accept it.”