Burnley Tornados Juniors travelled to Chester to play their penultimate game of 8v8 American football.

Matt Bates caught a 15 yard throw from first half QB Phil Robins, who also made good yards in running the ball, but although Burnley were able to move the ball down field an interception was thrown which was run back for a touchdown.

Chester were then successful in their conversion and were up 0-8 at the end of the first quarter.

Flynn Griffith got on the scoreboard for the Tornados with a punt return run taking the Tornados to within two points. However the second quarter was stopped with just over four minutes left to play due to an injury to a Romans player which required an ambulance.

The third quarter saw Will Robertshaw perform a QB sneak and run in for a touchdown, while the fourth quarter saw the only points being scored by the Tornados, as once again Griffith ran back a punt and scored his second touchdown of the game.

Matt Bates then caught the conversion in the endzone taking the score to 20-8.

The Romans were beginning to lose their patience and the game became a bit fraught on their side.

The Tornados held firm as a team and Ben Dyer was able to recover a fumbled ball on the 10yard line. Xavier Sutcliffe then caught an interception but as the clock ticked down no-one was able to score.

The final score on the day was 20-8 to the Tornados.