It’s a sign of the times when an end-of-season football awards ceremony includes Best Twitter follower and Best Instagram follower.

But that is what happened at Blackburn United’s recent prize night.

All the usual categories were there; players player of the season, manager’s player of the season, most improved (the award none of us really want) but bringing the ceremony bang up to date – gongs for use of Twitter and Instagram.

For the record, Taz Sidat won the Twitter accolade while Aiysha Dahya the award for most Instagram followers.

I hope they weren’t twittering or instagramming during matches.

In fairness, Twitter is a key tool is sporting circles these days.

Why pick up the phone and give someone a ring when you can send a message (in 140 characters or less) by Twitter.

And for that personal touch, you can always DM them.

I too am a fan of Twitter but don’t think I would ever be an award-winning tweeter.

I don’t really want to show my age but a similar award when I was growing up would have been best use of a fax and most calls made from a land line!

What’s a land line I hear some of you ask!