OAKLEY Woodhouse has been competing with the world’s best from afar – now she is hoping to meet them face-to-face.

The 17-year-old is proving to be a real talent in Crossfit, the gym-based sport where athletes go up against each other on-line in a series of events.

The Clitheroe Royal Grammar School pupil recently won the British Crossfit Teen Gauntlet and was placed fourth in the world in the 18 and under category.

It was a performance that earned her an invitation to attend the Crossfit Teen Gauntlet Games in California next month – her biggest challenge now will be raising the £2,500 to get to the West Coast of America.

Crossfit is hugely popular in America with majority of the 9,000 affiliated gyms in the States.

However it is becoming more popular in the UK and Oakley and mum Tammy are both members of Crossfit Clitheroe.

In California, Oakley will get to attend a three day coaching course before getting the chance to compete against her rivals.

“It was a fantastic result for Oakley but now we are busy trying to raise funds to get out there,” said mum Tammy who is also a Crossfit convert. “Oakley is doing the Three Peaks to help raise funds while the club will also be holding a barbecue but any other help we could get would be most welcome.”

Crossfit includes a wide range of disciplines from rowing to running and weight lifting to rope climbs.

Athletes train and compete at affiliated gyms – or boxes – and results can be compared with other members.

Oakley, who is a former British junior taekwondo champion, only took up Crossfit 18 months ago but her success is no surprise to her mum.

“Oakley is very determined and if she puts her mind to something then she usually achieves what she has set out to do,” said Tammy who finished second in a recent Crossfit competition with her daughter “So it doesn’t surprise me that she has done so well,”

The fact that she can call on uncle Mark Felix – a multiple finalist in the World Strongest Man – has also beem a big help.

“As you would expect, Mark has been a great help but so too has her coach Chris Templeman at Crossfit Clitheroe.”

Anyone who can help fund Oakley’s trip to California please email Tammy at oakley.jay@hotmail.co.uk