Earby Primary School were always going to represent Pendle in the Lancashire School Games tennis finals – it was just a case of which team.

For Earby One and Earby Two reached the final of the Pendle Schools Year Three/Year Four competition after finishing top of their respective groups.

The competition, held at Pendle Vale College, included nine teams from eight schools.

Group One included Earby Two, Walverden, Marsden, Primet and Kelbrook.

Group Two saw Earby One, Christ Church, Wheatley Lane and Castercliff battle it out.

Earby Two topped Group One, winning 14 and losing two, to finish with 14 points.

Walverden were second with 11 points.

In Group Two, Earby One were first, winning 11 and losing one, to finishe with 11 points with Christ Church in second place. The final was an expected tight affair with Earby One taking the gold medal.