Rallyman Steve Entwistle heads into uncharted territory this weekend in pursuit of the HRCR Clubmans Championship.

The Rishton-based driver will start at car 7 for the Leukaemia Historic Rally in Wales, and although it’s his first time on the event, Entwistle is looking forward to the challenge.

“Although the roads and the test venues will all be new, it won’t slow me down very much! ,” he said.

“It’s a 120-mile route with plenty of tests and regularities, all based around Chepstow Racecourse, to keep us on our toes.”

Entwistle and mapman Bob Hargreaves, from Cumbria, have enjoyed a great start to their HRCR title bid, despite suffering trip meter problems with their Orangebox Mini last time out on the Ilkley Jubilee Classic.

The pair are currently lying second overall in the standings after three rounds.

“ The Orangebox ran well all day except we had a problem with the tripmeter 'freezing' , this happened three times on the first section,” he explained.

“The upside was the tests showed the big difference our Mini Sport 1293 'Historic' spec engine has made to our tests performances.

We ended the day 2nd fastest car all day, beaten by the winning MK1 RS2000, but quicker than the next man, Howard Warren and Paul Bosdet in their very healthy sounding 911.”

Top seeds: 1 Matt Warren Cath Woodman Ford Escort Mexico 2 Martin Neal Richard Dix Ford Escort Mexico 3 Jim Deacon Ian Doble MGB Roadster 4 Andrew Mallagh Paul Harley Porsche 911 M1 5 James Griffiths James Howell Austin Mini 1275 GT M2 6 Simon Harris Gavin Rogers Suzuki Swift Master 7 Steve Enwtistle Bob Hargreaves Orangebox Mini